Wednesday, September 20, 2006

more pics from when the team is NOT working

anim team

This is a group picture of the remaining animation team with director George Miller, as it was last friday. Now most animators have gone, only a small group is still left at work.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Sunday afternoon, Sam and Craig enjoying the sun on a rooftop cafe overlooking Sydney.

Beer and food....
...that tastes good.

Shark Island

The previous weekend we went on a short kajak trip to Shark Island in the Sydney Bay. It is the little island on the far right side of the pic below. Not too far, but for me as a beginner and out of shape... it seemed far enough.

Already on the island, we survived paddeling with the sharks ;-) The name is actually derived from the shape of the island, not the maritime wildlife around!

Monday, September 04, 2006

teppanyaki dinner

Teppanyaki dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. The chef did an awesome show with salt, pepper, knifes and food - and we had to catch raw eggs and slices of egg rool chopped off and shot at us. And on top it tasted really really good!

Marks last weekend in Sydney, with Malik and his girlfriend on the right. Afterwards we went to 'Earth dance' a great dance party with outdoor dance floors, great electronic music, a bit of hippy flair and a good vibe.
This is Hippo the rocking horse that I inherited from Rosie when she left. Linda going for a crazy ride on it.

spring is coming to town

ah, finally it feels like spring is coming to Sydney. Most of last week it has been really warm during the day and on saturday it went up to 26 degrees with a clear blue sky. Time to go to the beach! I was (overly) careful to avoid noontime sun to avoid any sunburn, but by the time I showed up at the beach - 2 pm - a slight breeze had picked up. I had to get all my strength together to take a swim in the water - it was about 18 degrees brrr. The sea at Bondi beach was beautiful, cold and clear. Didn't really get warm anymore after being wet and at not even 4pm we left the beach. I don't know how these surfer people manage to stay in the water for all these hours... not even with the wet suits on. Can't wait for it to get even warmer.
A word on topless girls on the beach: it is allowed in Australia, and not a big deal for us Europeans. Not so for the Americans. I hung out with Sarah and 2 male collegues, let's call the guys R & R. They were very excited about the few topless girls, checking them out like little school boys. For them it being something like a forbidden fruit ;-) a little sensation. How strange...
And in this context there are laws in Australia that you cannot take pictures of topless girls at the beach. Even taking fotos of kids seems to be in a grey area... to protect peoples privacy - at the public beach. Foreigners can be expelled out of the country for that and fined with several 1000s of dollars. So the question is ... what happens if you take a picture of the ocean and a topless girl walks in frame unintended somewhere in the background?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

hanging out in the evenings

Friday, August 25, 2006

me as a ...

... professional photographer. Notice my tiny camera that I hold in a perfect perpendicular position...

...and me as a professional surfer groupie. haha
this is my new roomate, or should I rather say my shower compagnion... There is quite a lot of animal life in my house (it is on ground floor with big gaps in the doors and it is a semi tropical place after all) like spiders, cockroaches and little ants - and my black lizard. He is my favorite, if he stays around I will name him...
Emilie told me of a kind of spider that hides underneath the toilet seat - a poisonous spider! Since then I keep checking ;-)
a night out in Newton with Emilie, Marc and Celine

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is where I work. Fox Studios used to be a theme park at one time, so the main AL studio is in the 'Titanic Ride' building (in the back), a popular meeting spot is 'under the stars' and I work in the 'Sound Stage' building (in the front). Looks a bit crazy, but from the inside they are just what you would expect from a regular studio.

And this is me at work... errrr... taking my lunch break with collegues. Here they call the 'Tischkicker' simply fussball.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Manly hike

A view from Manly towards downtown Sydney.

Patrick, Alex, Vladimir and Vincent posing.

Posing as well.

Beach close to Spit Bridge.

some things are everywhere - scary, isn't it?

Manly Beach

The kids are fearless and don't care about the chilly Australian weather...
...the big ones scream and jump when the waves hit the pants...
...and some make sure they don't get wet at all!

Yes, I am strong!

This is Freshwater Beach up in Manly. We climbed along the steep rocky shoreline, suddenly finding small paradisical places with flowers and greens.